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Who We Are

Over the past 15 years, we’ve continually evolved our suite of services by keeping up with advances in technologies and techniques, allowing us to produce content and tell stories in more creative, effective and efficient ways.​


But one thing hasn’t changed: we remain a nimble company that has the ability to scale both up and down to meet a wide spectrum of briefs and budgets. We’re proud of our expertise in connecting both agencies and businesses with their target markets through our photographic and cinematic production.

We deliver high quality advertising, editorial, online, and print content across a wide range of industries. We represent photographers, directors and cinematographers who specialise in; lifestyle, tourism, adventure/action, automotive, product photography, hotels, food, PR / launch events, short documentaries and more.

With our office in Sydney, we are in the heart of Australian production. Our building has an onsite studio and editing suite that can accommodate clients. All data management and video editing is done onsite in our editing suite to ensure quality and data security.

What We Do

We provide a full spectrum of photographic and video production services across a broad range of industries and mediums.


While our core business is production, we also partner with a range of creatives and agencies to offer a full-service package – from concept design to post production. All of our services can be used as stand alone or packaged together to meet your unique needs.

In House Services

Creative development/ concept ideation


Casting and talent management


Styling /sourcing props

Story Boarding


Assistant Directors

Directors of Photography

Camera Operators


Drone operators

First ACs/ Second ACs

Tracking vehicle

Equipment Hire

Video post-production

Stills post-production

Colour grading

Sound production

Partnered Services

Graphic design

Creative development/ concept ideation

Talent / Models



Lighting Gaffers

Sound operators

Hair and Make-up artists

Professional Drivers

Traffic management

Stunt coordinators

Safety officers

Advanced sound production

Set and prop design

Special effects

What sets us apart



Qube prides itself on being at the forefront of production techniques, we continue to invest in new technology and maintaining it.


This means that our work is always cutting edge, and our clients benefit from having equipment ready to use, rather than hired from somewhere else. 


Unique multi-skilled team

Chris’ background in the fast-paced editorial space pushed him to learn from the ground up and to be willing to work across different skill sets and tasks within the one shoot. This mentality has stayed with him and bred into his team. This makes Qube extremely unique to have crew members who can work seamlessly between a number of aspects in stills and video, giving our clients greater flexibility, efficiencies and continuity between mixed mediums.


Passion is in our blood

Everyone at Qube lives and breathes photography and cinematography, this isn’t just a job for us, it’s our passion and our life. Because of this, we are always pushing the boundaries of what is technically and creatively possible.


We are sticklers for the finest details, a trait to which our published work can attest.

Our Team

We have a dedicated team working out of our office comprising of Producers, Directors, DOPs, Stills Photographers, Assistants, Camera Operators, Drone Operators, and a further 30+ carefully selected preferred suppliers and freelancers working across all aspects of video and still production.

Qube Head Shot7892-Web.jpg
Chris Benny - Owner, Director, DOP, Photographer

Qube Productions, formerly known as Chris Benny Imaging started back in 2006. The journey started with founder and owner, Chris Benny, who began shooting action sports (one of his passions) at a very young age. By the time he finished school he was freelancing for bike and adventure magazines which soon moved into car magazines (his other big passion!) and quickly become one of Australia’s most in-demand car photographers for the biggest car magazines and publishers. It wasn’t long before the world’s leading car manufactures also started noticing Chris’s unique eye for high-quality car content; appointing Chris and his growing team to produce content for a range of media and marketing purposes. Today Chris has skilled himself across not only photography, but also cinema including, Directing, DOP, and drone operation. While he is highly known in the automotive space, his experience goes beyond this unique skill set as his work and passions stretches into the lifestyle, storytelling and adventure segments.

Emma Scott - Agent, Executive Producer

Emma Scott is an accomplished producer with over 15 years of experience, renowned for her expertise in managing advertising campaigns, TV shows, films, product launches, and PR stunts. Emma’s journey began as the in-house producer at Destination NSW, and has since worked across Australia and internationally. Her extensive freelancing experience across diverse agencies and production companies, has equipped her with a unique perspective on working from client, agency, and production sides. Her comprehensive knowledge of locations and complex logistical management is an invaluable resource for any production. Emma's ability to navigate and coordinate intricate details, from scouting the perfect location to managing large-scale logistics, ensures that every project runs efficiently and effectively. Her strategic planning and problem-solving skills are a valuable asset What truly sets Emma apart is her passion for building great client relationships. She finds the most excitement and enjoyment in collaborating with clients, understanding their visions, and bringing their ideas to life.

Qube Head Shot7763-Web.jpg
Andrea Benny - General Manager

Andrea Benny was the CEO of a leading market research field company for 8 years before seeing the need to join her husband Chris with the running of Qube as the company expanded. Andrea manages the strategic approach for Qube along with staff management. Working in the marketing research industry for 14 years provided a strong foundation and passion for understanding human behaviour in relation to messaging and advertising. These skills and experience lends to a unique and considered approach to the assistance of concept creation Qube provides to clients, by having a deep understanding of the targeted audience the content is created for, and how to best deliver it.

Qube Head Shot7539_edited.jpg
Dan Da Silva - DOP, Photographer

Dan da Silva is a highly skilled and passionate photographer and DOP with over six years of experience. Known for his ability to creatively and logistically break down project briefs to maximise high quality outputs, Dan has built a reputation for creating visually compelling content to elevate brands. Throughout his career, Dan has worked on a diverse array of projects, from high-end commercial shoots to content creation pieces, always delivering top-tier work that stands out in a competitive market. His keen passion for collaboratively working with his peers ensures a seamless production that everyone can be proud of at the end of the day. Outside of work Dan enjoys simple passions, from spending time with his nearest and dearest to cooking up a storm, theres not much he isn't up for. Most recently he has picked up walking which he likes to regularly ruin with his golf game.

Qube Head Shot7607_edited.jpg
Dave Molland - Head of Post Production

Dave Molland is a seasoned professional with over 13 years of extensive experience in the video production industry. Known for his impeccable standards and keen eye for detail, Dave possesses expertise across pre-production, post-production, and project management. Dave is dedicated to excellence and is always committed to delivering top-quality assets. With a background as a professional musician, Dave has toured the world with ARIA-nominated band Expatriate. He draws on his musical knowledge and studio experience when working on projects, giving him a unique edge in enhancing the marriage between vision and sound. This distinctive blend of skills allows Dave to create compelling, immersive video content that resonates on multiple levels. Dave’s passions include technology, film and understandably music.

Qube Head Shot7254.jpg
Oli Ivanov - Studio Manager

Oli Ivanov is an essential asset to Qube's production team. With five years of hands-on experience in small and large-scale productions, Oli has honed his skills and expertise as a camera assistant and studio manager. Covering both motion and commercial photography, Oli’s versatility is what sets him apart. His proficiency with a wide array of equipment and processes ensure that he can tackle any challenge, delivering exceptional results every time.

What We Create

Qube partners with businesses of all sizes – from ASX-listed organisations to independent creatives and small brands – to create content across all sectors and mediums.

Whether you’re looking to create a large-scale commercial campaign, social media content, short documentaries, product photography, corporate videos, or press and PR content, we have the expertise and experience to bring it to life.

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